​​Evacuation Zone Maps

​​​​Know Your County - Evacuating From A Wildland Fire

Your County Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)

The US Forest Service defines the wildland urban interface qualitatively as a place where “humans and their development meet or intermix with wildland fuel”

Wildfires can strike suddenly and without warning. Public safety officials will attempt to notify residents when evacuation is necessary, but this is not always possible. Advance preparation and situational awareness are required.​

​​​Use this interactive Map to Find Your Evacuation Zone

Know Your ​​Evacuation Zones

Note where you and your family members live, work and go to school.  Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services, incorporated cities, and other partners worked together with FireClear and Dewberry to develop improved evacuation maps and messaging for Sacramento County residents.

Evacuation Warning

An Evacuation Warning means that there is a danger to life and property. People should use this warning to get ready to evacuate. Those who need additional time should leave when the warning is given, rather than wait for an Evacuation Order.

Evacuation Order

An Evacuation Order means you must evacuate now. Staying could result in loss of life and/or slow the work of responders. An Evacuation order may be the only warning that you receive.

Family Evacuation Checklist​

Create an emergency kit​ and personalize it for your family’s particular needs.

Unincorporated Zones and Cities in Sacramento County  

Use the corresponding numbers below to go the that zones individual map for the unincorporated areas.  Click on the City to see their evacuation maps.  These maps, funded by a grant from CAL FIRE, are listed below for viewing, download and are screen reader accessible. ​​