Zone 22 - Northern Carmichael

Know Your Way Out

Familiarize yourself with major routes out of your neighborhood in case of a evacuation.


This is a map of Sacramento County evacuation zone number 22, called Northern Carmichael.  It is in the north central region of the county and is bordered by Garfield Avenue to the west, Cypress Avenue and Fair Oaks Boulevard to the north, the American River to the east, and Marconi Avenue and Palm Drive to the south. Significant landmarks within this zone are Carmichael Park, Jensen Botanical, and Carmichael Community Garden.  There are no train tracks in this zone.  There is a bus route along Fair Oaks Boulevard, Manzanita Avenue, and Marconi Avenue.  There is a peak-only bus route in the center of the zone.  Major east and west evacuation routes are Cypress Avenue, Fair Oaks Boulevard, and Marconi Avenue.  North and south evacuation routes are Garfield Avenue and Manzanita Avenue.​

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Need to move livestock to a safer location?

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