During an emergency, there may be times when you need to seek shelter away from home. In   some situations, it might be possible to safely shelter with friends or family away from   affected areas. When that is not possible, you may need to seek other shelter options.

 The Red Cross may open a shelter if a disaster affects a large number of people and/or an   emergency situation is expected to last several days. You should be prepared to go to a shelter if:

  • There is a hazardous material emergency affecting your area
  • Flood water is rising
  • Your home has been severely damaged
  • Police and/or other local authorities tell you to evacuate

 The Red Cross provides temporary shelter, food, and basic first aid free of charge to evacuees.

 Local government agencies may also open shelters for people in areas affected by an emergency.   In the​ event this occurs, information about locations will be posted on this website and made   available through local government and media outlets.

 In an emergency, you may find yourself unable to reach a shelter. Plan ahead now and learn how   you can shelter in place