Americans have learned that they need to be prepared not only for natural disasters, but also for potential threats of terrorism. There are several categories of threats, including weapons of mass destruction (bombings, and/or the use of biological, chemical or radiological agents). These threats have the ultimate goals of disrupting the infrastructure and economy, and instilling fear in the community. Some potential targets lend themselves toward the accomplishment of these goals. These may include atomic energy and other public utility facilities, international airports and transportation systems, major international events, and high-profile landmarks.  

As in all cities in the United States, there are potential targets in the greater Sacramento area. Like all cities, we must remain vigilant. The Sheriff and local police departments, along with many federal, state and local government agencies, are working hard every day to prevent terrorism. There are some things you can do, too. 

  •  Know the routines: Be alert as you go about your daily business. Learn the normal routines of your community and workplace. Understanding these routines will help you to spot anything out of the ordinary.
  • Be aware: Get to know your neighbors. Be on the lookout for suspicious activities such as unusual conduct in your neighborhood, workplace or while traveling.
  • Take what you hear seriously: If you hear or know of someone who has bragged or talked about plans to harm citizens or who claims membership in a terrorist organization, take it seriously and immediately report it to law enforcement.

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