Opening Mail

Teach family, friends and co-workers to be aware when opening mail and packages.

Signs of Suspicious Mail and Packages

  • Unexpected or from someone you do not know.
  • Not addressed to a specific person.
  • Addressed to someone no longer at the address.
  • Handwritten with either no or an unreadable return address.
  • Lopsided or lumpy.
  • Has wires or unusual contents that can felt or that protrude from the package.
  • Postmarked city does not match return address.
  • Marked with restrictive endorsement – such as “personal” or “confidential.”
  • Excessive postage.
  • Common words are misspelled.
  • Incorrect titles or titles without names.
  • Soiled or stained packages.
  • Powdery substance felt or seen.
  • Marked with threatening language.
  • Strong odor, excessive weight or ticking sound.

What to do with Suspicious Mail and Packages

  • Do not shake, sniff, touch, taste or look closely at it; contents may be spilled.
  • Do not carry it, show it to others, or allow others to touch.
  • If it is already in your hands when you become suspicious, put it down on a stable surface and do not handle.
  • Alert others in the area and leave the area.
  • Close any doors and prevent others from entering the area.
  • If possible, shut off the ventilation.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Notify law enforcement immediately!​