Stay Safe at Work

An emergency can happen anytime. You and your co-workers should know what to do if one occurs at work.

  • Learn and practice emergency plans.
  • Know at least two exits from each room (if possible).
  • Be able to escape in the dark by knowing how many desks or cubicles are between your workstation and two of the nearest exits.
  • Know the post-evacuation meeting location.
  • Know the location of fire extinguishers and how to use them.
  • Keep a copy of co-workers phone numbers at home.
  • Make a list of important personal numbers. Keep a printed list at your desk or near other phones. Do not rely on electronic lists that may not work in an emergency.
  • Gather personal emergency supplies in a desk drawer: Include a flashlight, walking shoes, dust mask, a water bottle and non-perishable food.
  • Never lock or block fire exits or doorways. However, keep fire doors closed to slow the spread of smoke and fire.
  • Make specific plans to help each other in the event that public transportation is shut down or roadways are impassable.

In a High Rise Building

  • Note where the closest emergency exit is. 
  • Be sure to know another way out in case your first choice is blocked.
  • Take cover against a desk or table if things are falling. 
  • Move away from file cabinets, bookshelves or other things that might fall.
  • Face away from windows and glass.
  • Move away from exterior walls.
  • Determine if you should stay put, "shelter-in-place" or get away.
  • Listen for and follow instructions.
  • Take your emergency supply kit, unless there is reason to believe it has been contaminated.
  • Do not use elevators. 
  • Stay to the right while going down stairwells to allow emergency workers to come up. 

Also learn how to: