Seniors and People with Disabilities

Sacramento OES Disaster Preparedness

Sacramento OES Disaster Preparedness Video
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Sacramento OES Seniors and Disabled Prepare Video

If you are a senior or have a special need, you may want to add the following steps to your emergency preparations.

  • Get to know about the various types of emergencies and how to prepare for them.
  • Prepare an emergency kit and personalize it to your needs. In addition to the recommended items, consider including: 
    • Medicare and other medical insurance cards 
    • Emergency contact information – list of family, friends, relatives and health providers that should be notified if you are injured 
    • Extra supplies for medical equipment - wheelchair batteries, oxygen, eyeglasses, hearing-aid batteries 
    • A list of serial numbers and styles of medical devices 
    • Extra supply of medication 
    • Copies of prescriptions along with the reason you use them
  • Develop a support team. If you know you will need assistance during an emergency talk to someone you know can help you.
    • Discuss your plan with your support team. 
    • Talk to members about where you keep your emergency kit. 
    • Provide a key to your home to one of your team members. 
    • Show your support team how to operate medical devices you use.
  •  Ask your doctor, pharmacist, and health service provider about what else you can do to prepare. If possible, add them as members of your support team.
  • Identify your disability by wearing medical alert tags or bracelets.

                  Disaster Preparedness Starts With You

                  California Telephone Access Program

                  For information on applying for a free specialized phone from California Telephone Access Program, please go to 

                  CTAP is a program of the California Public Utilities Commission Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program.

                  Addressing the Needs of Vulnerable Populations in an Emergency

                  Report of Findings & Recommendations August 14, 2008 ​by the Human Services Coordinating Council.